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65 corvette absolute black granite rectangle cremation urn three styles of urn available

This urn is available in Single, Double, and Companion styles. Single is suitable for holding the cremains of a single individual. Double is large enough to hold the cremains of two individuals in two separate chambers. Companion is sized the same as a Double, but is designed to hold the cremains of two individuals in a single chamber.

Access to the urn is provided by a two-inch drill hole in the bottom. We recommend that you have your funeral home or crematorium make the transfer for you.

sketch showing top engraving position

Because this urn has an illustration on its face, it can be engraved on the top only. Because all our urns are crafted from natural materials, each urn will have its own unique patterning. The '65 Corvette cremation urn is made in Vermont, USA.

'65 Corvette

This cremation urn is crafted from African absolute black granite. This granite has a smaller crystal structure and a less varied coloration than our other granites giving it a uniform appearance. The face of the urn is hand engraved and painted with the image of a 1965 Corvette. It is available in single, double, and companion styles. The single measures approximately 10"l x 7"w x 6-1/4"h with a capacity of 249 cubic inches. The double and companion measure approximately 11"l x 10"w x 6-1/2"h with a capacity of 464 cubic inches. Cork feet on the bottom prevent marring of surfaces.

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