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Custom Cremation Urn Gallery

On this page we present some of our favorite custom urns that we have made for customers. These ideas may be inspiration for your own custom urn.

custom church with motorcycle image

The Church in the Wildwood

The "Church In The Wildwood" (left top) caught the eye of one of our wonderful customers in New Hampshire. She and her husband were planning for the future and are avid church goers who enjoy riding their Harley Davidson Motorcycle to church on Sunday. When she called, she asked if we could make a Companion urn with the "Church In the Wildwood" scene and, to somehow, show their motorcycle parked in the driveway of the church. She sent us a photo of the motorcycle and this is what we came up with (left, bottom). Needless to say they were extremely pleased with the results and when the lady called her first words were "WOW, it is absolutely magnificent. It came out better than we ever imagined it would."

custom church with motorcycle image

Double Urn with Photo

"Hi I wanted to let you know the double photo urn came in today and it's beautiful. It is exactly what I was looking for. I know it will be treasured for generations. It seems that our parents must have approved also because it came in on my sister's birthday, as if to say "we're still with you". It will be a nice reminder through the years to all the descendants to be able to put a face to their names without having to find a picture. And I know they are pleased to be able to be together again. I want to thank you so much for creating this for us, it would be fine with all of us if you use it on your web page, as we will be letting others know of your work also. We look forward to seeing it on your site."

Thank you so very much,

1956 Madawaska Ford Urn

1956 Madawaska Ford

A gentleman from Maine, an avid antique automobile collector, is planning for the future. He wanted his truck depicted next to the lake on the "Mountain Lake" scene urn. He sent us the photo on the above left, and now says he can "go out in style".

Bug by the Lake Urn

Bug by the Lake

A gentleman from Colorado was an avid VW "Bug" collector. His wife requested the "Mountain Lake" with a vintage VW on it.

Dog on Motorcycle Urn

Doggie Biker

A couple from Maine sent a truly different photo of their pit bull sitting on their motorcycle, looking like he was driving it. They asked us if we could incorporate it into a companion urn and this is what our artist developed.

Veteran's Urn

Veteran's Urn

We have discovered a method of applying a photo directly onto our white marble urns. Above is a memorial to a gentleman who was born in Puerto Rico and served in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict. This method of memorializing can only be done on white stone urns.

Hand Drawn Urn

Hand Drawn

Here is one of the most beautiful custom urns we have produced. A talented New York State artist had done this outstanding sketch. When she died her husband asked us if we could somehow reproduce it on an urn. We discovered the only way we could get the magnificent detail she had put into the sketch was to use our method of applying a photo and we came up with this truly unique companion urn.

Japanese Urn


This double urn was developed following a request from a gentleman who is married to a Japanese woman. He says he is not going anywhere soon, but he wants to be sure things are done the way he wants them done.

Old Man of the Mountains Urn

Old Man of the Mountains

A dear friend from New Hampshire requested us to build a companion Verde' Antique urn for her parents who took great pride in being native New Hampshirites. We felt the "Old Man of The Mountains" with the Daniel Webster poem would be appropriate.

Double Cremation Urn

Wedding Ring Ribbon

This oversize Absolute Black Granite Companion Urn was requested by a couple from Florida. It shows a nice use of the very popular Wedding Ring Ribbon. This photo is shown with the permission of Mr. Stoltz.

Double Cremation Urn

Angel of Music

This urn was requested by a lady whose husband loved playing the bass guitar. She requested a depiction of an angel carrying the bass to heaven so he could continue playing the guitar.

little piece of heaven

Little Piece of Heaven

We call this urn a "Little Piece of Heaven". It depicts a beautiful scene of a cabin by a lake somewhere in the U.S. Northwest. It is done using our unique method of applying a photo directly onto Danby White Marble.

boy urn

Going Home

This is the front and rear of the same urn we made for the son of a lovely lady from Calgary, Canada.

boy urn

Blue Pearl Companion

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