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Below are examples of some of the many letters we receive.

Hello Joe, I received my moms Harley Davidson urn and I have to say I was blown away when I saw it. It is wonderful quality and perfectly done. I presented the urn as a gift to my dad and he absolutely loves it. I got it in perfect time to bring to the funeral home, so my moms ashes came home in style. So many compliments have been made and it fits my moms personality. Thank you!


Joe, Thank you the urn is great. It even fits in the niche. Again thank you, and God Bless.


I received my double cremation urn-the one with the 2 beautiful yellow and pink love birds on it—beautiful—to die for (lol) it's so nice to be able to see where our body's final resting place will be when we go to meet God and our family—great job Joe—I highly recommend you and your Co.

Dee M. from Fla.

Hi Joe,

I received Andy's Urn yesterday and I wanted you to know that we are extremely happy with it—it Is really a work of art. The painting is beautifully done, it looks better than I had even hoped for so please thank Jackee for that. The etching also is beautiful—thought-provoking and meaningful. It meant so much for us to give our son this one last gift, it took a lot of time and effort to find the perfect one but in the long run it was well worth the wait.

Thank you again,

Linda & Kelly

I am still speechless. I just opened the box and the tears just started, it has been almost 5 months since we lost Mocha and I still miss her very much. I opened the box and it took my breath away. Jackee, you really took the time to talk to us and I think you were able to put into this etching how beautiful Mocha was and will always be in our hearts. What a talent you have, I am so lucky I found you to do her urn. This means so much more than I could ever put into words. I look at this urn and I see her beautiful face and think of all our happy times together. Thanks again to both of you for working so closely with us—you have far exceeded anything I could have hoped for.


Jacqi K from Ohio

I received my husband's urn Monday night, everything was fine with the shipping. Took it out of the box and couldn't have been more pleased with the way the urn turned out. It is beautiful! When I first looked at it all I saw was my husband. It's what he would have wanted. The jeep turned out great! I can't thank you enough for doing such a beautiful one-of-a-kind urn for him. Tell everyone who worked on it they are all angels!

Thank you again

Carol E.

Hi Joe,

You did a wonderful job on Steve's urn. I love it, he loved to hunt and fish very much. He was killed on a snow sled trying to get the last bit of riding in. He loved to be outdoors. I will show it to the funeral home in Ashland. Everyone here is big hunters and fishermen. Thats the most popular stone in our area. I'm sure people will appreciate your beautiful urn. He said he had never heard of your company. I'm very glad I looked on my own.

Thank you,



Thank you so much for the great service. It was so special to have such a great urn that Suzy had a part in. Also, the laser engraving as well as the quality and beauty of the wood make a beautiful tribute. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. I can't begin to thank you enough!

Karen & family

Hello, Joe

Urn received A OK. Thanks so much. It has far exceeded my expectations. It is solid looking. Somber. Somehow it seems very Presbyterian, which was what my Mother was. I like the spacing of the bronze plaque and the discreet squiggle mark beneath the inscription. It's just what I wanted and more.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your excellent service and for the timeliness, Joe.


Hi Joe,

My brother and my mother are very pleased with the urn. I will see the urn for myself on Sunday. We will be burying my dad's ashes soon and are pleased to do it in Barre Vermont granite.

Most appreciatively,


Hi Joe,

Just wanted to let you know that the family thought the urn was great. We thank you very much.

R. Bruce Jr. and Lea


Thank you so much for all your help with this, we can only purchase the typical urn here in the UK and we wanted something a little more special and individual.


The urn arrived on Saturday. My mum is absolutely thrilled with it, it is very beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance.

Wendy from England

Dear Joe,

Our family is so pleased with simple dignity of the Franklin urn. Also with the excellent service (advice on the engraving, packaging/mailing, etc). The urn was all that I hoped for and i looked far and wide to find it. So glad to have found your website.

Most appreciatively,

Mary, Duxbury, Mass.

Hi Joe,

I got the urn in yesterday evening. It is so cool. You guys did a fantastic job. It's really pretty. That number 3 really stands out. So I want to thank you so much.


I received the urn in great shape and am glad to have it My husband had it filled a few days ago lots of tears here, of course. Am very pleased with your service and will refer your name when necessary, hopefully I wont need it for a while.


Persis J. from FL

Your products are not prominently featured via Google. We had to dig a little deeper before we found your site, and are glad we did. Your prices are better than Discount Urns, and we are very pleased with the beauty and quality of the blue pearl urn which we purchased. If you need any testimonials, feel free to use ours.

Bob and Carolyn D.

Belmont, Michigan

The urn arrived today about 2:30 pm CDT. The urn is a very attractive piece and is very well made. My wife and I are very impressed with the quality and color. The velvet case is a very nice touch.

Thanks for your help,

Roy from Houston

The Urn arrived this morning as promised. It was PERFECT! He was so pleased. Thank You doesn't seem enough!



Mrs. B loved the urn. She even commented that when she put the urn on the mantle, her dogs stopped trashing the house when she went to work. Evidently, Mr. B hated her dogs. Great job, thank you so much.


Hi Joe,

Ellie's Urn is very nice. We really love it...a perfect resting place for our beloved dog. Thank you very much!


Hi Joe,

The proof looks great thank you, I feel you and your people have done some extra work so just let me know if the price has gone up from the one seventy we talked about if not i will send a check for two hundred (or more) on your reply. And how long does it to get the urn.


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