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When a loved one passes away, it's a trying time. We want to help you honor their memory with beautiful cremation urns. We offer a variety of styles and materials to suit your needs and desires when it comes to cremation.

Cremation Urns

Our stone cremation urns are hand crafted by a fourth generation stone worker using the highest quality stone available. Our wood cremation urns are hand crafted from cherry, maple, oak, birch and pine. A combination of fine wood and stone complement one another in our combination cremation urns. Our business is based in Vermont, which gives us access to the best materials, because our area is known for having the finest woods, along with the best supplies of granite and natural stone. On our hand-etched and hand-painted black granite urns we offer something for everyone, from bird lovers to truck drivers to the military branches.

Stone Urns


companion cremation urns

Verdé Antique Rectangle
Plain from $345
Engraved from $385


companion urns

Barre Gray Octagon
Plain $320
Engraved $360

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Stone Cremation Urns Here

Granite UrnsMarble Urns

Wooden Urns


cremation urns

Eternity Cherry
Plain $360
Engraved $400


cremation urns for sale

Tiger Maple
Plain $395
Engraved $435

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Wooden Cremation Urns Here

Cherry UrnsMaple UrnsOther Woods Urns

Hand Etched and Painted Granite Urns

We offer our Absolute Black Granite cremation urn with many hand-etched and hand-painted designs.


cremation urns made in USA

Hunting Cabin
Three Styles
Plain from $360
Engraved from $400


custom urns

Hummingbird with Lilacs
Three Styles
Plain from $360
Engraved from $400

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Landscape UrnsMythical Urns
Automobile UrnsAnimal UrnsBird Urns
Flower UrnsMilitary UrnsReligious Urns

Combination and
Stained Glass Urns


granite cremation urns

Granite Red Rose Cherry
Plain $395
Engraved $425

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burial vault

Burial Vault

Most cemeteries require a rigid, waterproof outer burial vault which can hold a cremation urn. This strong polymer burial vault meets all requirements of any cemetery. We stock a variety of burial vaults that stand up to the most difficult of weather conditions.

pet cremation urns

Pet Urns

We offer a selection of smaller cremation urns suitable for pets.

Choosing the Right Size Urn

A good rule of thumb is that one pound of body weight reduces to one cubic inch of ash. In the case of overweight individuals, the body fat and soft tissue burns off in the cremation process, so consider what a person's "average size" should be. Larger-than-average size individuals, like professional basketball or football player sized people, may warrant a larger capacity urn. 98% of individuals should fit most of our single sized urns. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have about cremation urns and appropriate sizing. Call Joe at 1-800-559-7321.

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